Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night

The Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night sets sail in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and sails into the most beautiful cities in Europe with its film tour. Each year the tour takes places three times with different program. 

Spring Tour 2019

From the 17th March to the 7th May 2019, there are about 42 stops on the spring tour all over Germany, in Austria, Switzerland, England and the Netherlands. The film tour brings the highlights among the surf movies and surfing documentaries of the year into the cinemas    oceanstories for surfaddicts.


Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night / Inspired by Oceanstories

Cine Mar dedicates itself to the love of the sea and all the wonderful stories that the ocean tells us

Thomas Zielinski – GET WET SOON

Cine Mar is #allaboutwater. We share the same passion for the sea & waves and great stories

Simon Scheffold – Surfers 


17. März 2019 Graz – Schubert 20:00 Uhr – More Details

19.March 2019 Salzburg – Mozartkino 20:15 Uhr – More Details

21.March 2019 Wien – Stadtkino 20:00 Uhr – More Details

2.April 2019 Innsbruck – Leokino 20:30 Uhr – More Details

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Iriedaily Surf Movie
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