In „Satori“ Rick Wall introduces us to a small surfer village called Kommetije located at the South African coast and some “local heroes” from the big wave scene.The film was awarded as “Best Film” at the Waimea Ocean Film Festival and it evolves around „deep friendship“ which connects the audience – surfers and non-surfers – emotionally with each other.

Satori | Director Rick Wall | 50 Min.

Perilous Sea

Inspired by novels from maritime literature, “Perilous Sea” explores the dark, vast waters around Iceland, the Canadian Isles and Ireland. The film shows coldwater surfing as extreme – with fascinating surfing action along the North Atlantic. The film won two awards at the Florida Surf Film Festival.

Der Surf Film gewann den Titel „Best Short Surf Movie“, sowie „Best Cinematography (Short)“ auf dem Florida Surf Film Festival.

Perilous Sea | Director Mike Bromley | 27 Min.


In the summer of 2018, the three surfsisters Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson and Lola Mignot traveled to El Salvador. A short time later, in cooperation with the surf magazine The Inertia, the film project “Alternativa” was created, in which the three soulsurfers celebrate the alternative lifestyle and tell about how they use the project “Clean Water Filters” to support the growing female surf community in El Salvador.

Alternativa | in cooperation with The Inertia | 17 Min. | Englisch mit deutschem Untertitel

Alternativa Surfen


In June 2018, filmmakers Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera set off to explore Liberia’s young and untouched surf culture. The country is shattered after 15 years of civil war, but Arthur and Damien find in a small fishing village children and young people who have turned away from violence and discovered their passion in surfing instead.

Múkùné | Director Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera | 7 Min.

Cult of Freedom

In the surf road movie “Cult of Freedom: The New Zealand Part” director Joseph Guglielmino aka Joe G. celebrates surfing with his protagonists Nate Tyler, Creed McTaggart and Dion Agius. With slingshots, flannel shirts, sheep, the Shire scenery and empty line ups, we immerse ourselves into a classic surf edit.

Cult of Freedom: The New Zealand Part | Director Joseph Guglielmino | 10 Min.

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